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Thursday, June 11

Move over Zombies – Jane Austen is Going Paranormal

Yesterday I reported about more zombies. Today it will be vampires.

I’m glad Jane Austen had a great sense of humor! Janeites will have to expand theirs with all the Austen mash-ups, retellings and paranormal happenings going on in the book & movie world!

Last week, Vic reported on the announcement of a new Austen inspired paranormal series entitled The Immortal Jane by author Janet Mullany who has graciously shared all the details in her guest blog on Austenprose. Here’s an excerpt.

I'd been thinking for some time about why historical romance authors consider Jane Austen the granny of us all, and it's because she is a master of subtext. The only way she could express sexual tension, because of her time and place in history, was by inference and subtle clues. It seems now the explicitness of historical romance means we have to find our own subtexts. (I should put in a plug here, so to speak, for the workshop Pam Rosenthal and I give, Writing the Hot Historical, which we're giving at RWA Nationals, where we talk about this sort of stuff, and I urge everyone not to use the term pebbled nub and to read Mansfield Park.) So, I discovered another subtext throughout Austen – vampires.

Read the entire blog: Jane Austen Goes Paranormal and learn all about her upcoming Austen inspired vampire novels for 2010. Janet has also just revealed her newly re-designed website Janet Mullany: Where Wit and Passion Meet. In celebration, she is holding a contest for two lovely 1818 ca prints. The deadline to enter is August 1st.

You can find Janet Mullany on Twitter, every Thursday at Risky Regencies, and occasionally at History Hoydens.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Ruth said...

HA! That Mr. Collins pic cracks me up!

Lynn said...

Oh, so Janet discovered a vampire subtext in Jane Austen novels ? No doubt she'll make money on that discovery, but sounds a little thin to me ! But it is better than flesh eating zombies !

So the next question is, which characters would you pick to be the vampires in each of Jane Austen's novels ???

And which characters would be begging to be made into vampires by which vamp ?

Shell said...

Jane Austen and Vampires. That I can't wait to read. I'm sure it will be at least interesting.

nigel said...

Lady Catherine de Burgh!
Wouldn't she make a great candidate for Vampire matriarch?

Lynn said...

George Wickham and Lady Catherine would be at the top of my list !