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Friday, June 12

Seen on the Blogosphere

Scents of Sensibility, anyone? In this age of belt tightening, somebody actually has the chutzpah to charge $28.99 for a spray fragrance of "new book smells". I kid you not. Tired of your Kindle or Sony book reader emitting a whiff of ether? Then spray some attar of classic book smell over the screen. The price is a little steep for a gag gift, but then, as the saying goes, there's a sucker born every minute.

Over two years ago, noted Austen scholar Bruce Stovell died unexpectedly. In honor of his memory Bruce's family recently published book, and a companion CD, titled Jane Austen Sings the Blues. Stovel's widow Nora, also a professor at the University of Alberta where Bruce taught, was the editor of the book, while son Grant and longtime friend and fellow musician Graham Guest produced the 12-song disc. A book of Bruce's essays will be published some time in the near future.

Have you always wanted to own several BBC classics but your common sense stopped you from purchasing the high priced DVD's? Amazon is having a blow out sale of BBC DVDs. Hop on over to take advantage of savings ranging from 37% (odd figure, I know) to 45% on such classics as North and South, 2008 Sense and Sensibility, 1981 Pride and Prejudice, and Cranford.

Image from LA Times Blog; posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World.


With Violets Fashion said...

Thanks so much for the scent part, it really made my nose tingle! (pun intended).

Lynn said...

Nothing can duplicate the smell of a real book ! ( but kudos for trying )