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Tuesday, June 16

Seen on the Blogosphere: Some styles never go out of fashion

The little white dress was as necessary in a well-dressed Regency miss's wardrobe as the little black dress is in the modern woman's closet. Not that the little white dress has ever completely gone out of style, as these two modern design interpretations suggest.

Other items of clothing have remained classic as well. For several years we have seen the chemise worn as a sleeveless top. ( SSense.)

This Sax Fifth Avenue nightgown is Oscar de La Renta's interpretation of the chemise.

Some wedding gown styles never change. This chiffon empire gown was inspired by Jane Austen.

And have corsets ever really gone out of fashion? Charlize Theron in a corset top.

Posted by Vic


FitToSeeJane said...

I Love it! Put the chemise, the corset, and the dress on all at once and we'll be ready for 1815!

nigel said...

Yum yum!

However isn't regency fashion uncomfortable for women? I have been to parties, movies and dances where people dress up Austen style and have told me how sensous it feels.

But for the practical, day to day, doesn't a business or pant suit assist with functionality. Especially on cold mornings?

and there is nothing more sexy than women who wear shin or higher length boots (smiles).

(no sexist atitude intended)

Lynn said...

I just love that wedding gown and the whole Regency style...if it's worn where is is supposed to be worn ( Charlize is a gorgeous woman but looks a tad on the tacky side of the railroad tracks to me)

Business/pant suits are stiff, practical and starchy...might be comfortable, but not pretty ! They are simply the uniforms women wear in a man's world...I detest suits and pants suits with a passion... they erase all femininity.

As for boots of any length, I know for a fact that every woman who wears them knows the effect they have on men...

See the above comment for proof !

Eunice said...

Thanks for putting up the white muslin gown inspiration picture! This is a great blog! Keep up the good work!

instant cash loans said...

Yeah right!! Some wedding gowns styles will never change. I believe women really wish for a beautiful wedding someday and this chiffon empire gown inspired by Jane Austen is such a perfect gown for a perfect wedding. Hope to wear this on my wedding day. LOL