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Thursday, July 23

Can You Stand It? Another Book Giveaway: The Plight of the Darcy Brothers

Inquiring readers, This July we have been offering a cornucopia of Austenesque book reviews and book giveaways. Not only are we celebrating The Grand Sophy month by giving away 15 Georgette Heyer books (contest is open until July 31), but we have already given away copies of The Secret Diary of Charlotte Bronte by Syrie James and Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler.

We are announcing ANOTHER GIVEAWAY. You have a week to leave a comment to win a copy of Marsha Altman's new book, The Plight of the Darcy Brothers, which will become available in bookstores in August. Darcy and Elizabeth set off for the Continent in yet another attempt to clear one of the Bennet sister’s reputations (this time it’s Mary). But their journey leads them to discover that the Darcy family has even deeper, darker secrets to hide…

Meanwhile, back at Pemberley, the Bingleys try to manage two unruly toddlers; Caroline Bingley’s husband has a wild encounter with King George himself, and the ever-dastardly George Wickham arrives, determined to seize the Darcy fortune once and for all. Full of surprises, this lively Pride and Prejudice sequel plunges the Darcys and Bingleys into a most delightful adventure!

To learn more about the novel, issued by Source Books, we asked Marsha a few questions about her new novel, and she graciously sent us her answers:

What was your inspiration to write the series?
I started the first story, then had more ideas, so I kept going. The idea of a “series” really didn’t take shape until several books in, when I considered at what point the story should come to its conclusion and how much material I thought I had in me. Fan fiction – and I will not hesitate to call this entire Austen sequel business fan fiction – is about the desire to do more with the characters than the original source material did. The story in the first half of book 1 accomplished my goal of playing around with the Austen characters, but then I realized there was more to do. I wanted to give Caroline Bingley some sympathy (and a husband). I also decided to do something with Mary Bennet, though I wanted to do something more interesting than “she meets a nice guy and marries him after some period of trepidation.” So I created a huge scandal, but I had to come up with an interesting reason for the journey to find her suitor. This gave me an excuse to delve into Darcy's family history that was not buried in England and that Darcy did not know about. When you read the book you can see how things build on themselves. It’s hard for me to get to a point where I know that I’m “done,” though I definitely know when it happens.

What part do you like the most or think is of interest to readers?
My experience with readers in online drafts and actual publication for the first book has been that the readers and I can disagree on what is the “best” segment/plotline/theme, but as long as we’re both satisfied then I think I’ve done my job. So there’s a little of everything in my new book. My particular interest is in doing things that haven’t been done before in other Pride and Prejudice sequels, or that have been done very rarely. In my first book, Darcy was shot, and I described a kilted highlander swinging from a chandelier (always fun). In the second book, I feature a French monk and a scandal involving the Prince of Wales (he is not yet Prince Regent). I also expand more about the Darcy family's past. Hopefully people will like the story line, especially since Darcy and Elizabeth save the day together.

Marsha Altman is the author of The Plight of the Darcy Brothers, a sequel to The Darcys and the Bingleys, which is a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. This is book 2 in a series; book 3 (Mr. Darcy’s Great Escape) is due out in Feb 2010. Order The Plight of the Darcy Brothers at this link. Enter Marsha Altman's website here.

Deadline for Book Giveaway: July 31. Please leave a comment about Fitzwilliam Darcy's and Elizabeth Bennet's growing love for each other in Pride and Prejudice. Sadly for our foreign friends, only those who live in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to win.

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Dina said...

Hi Marsha,

Your book is so different to me. I enjoy all things about the characters in P&P, but to read more about the Darcys brothers sounds fun.


Laura's Reviews said...

I can't stand it - so many good giveaways involving all of my favorite things! :-)

This book sounds like a delightful new direction to take the story of the Darcys and Bingleys.

Elizabeth and Darcy's growing love for each other is one of the reasons I love the novel so well. I love how Austen takes the novel from Elizabeth's mild interest in the mysterious Mr. Darcy to disdain and misunderstanding, and slowly grows her feelings to love. It is very well done and makes the reader love Darcy too!

I would love to be a part of the giveaway. My email address is laarlt78 at hotmail dot com


kellijean said...

The book sounds so interesting. I would love to be included in the giveaway!

Aoife said...

I never thought that Mr Darcy had a brother. Interesting!

Ashley said...

Oo! Another great giveaway! What I love about P&P is the way Darcy's and Lizzie's relationship gradually transforms from loathing to love.

Daphne said...

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet's relationship is the most fascinating ever written. Their love transcends wealth, social class and, I believe, even physical beauty. I love their story and look forward with delight to reading your continuation of it.


Emily said...

I just finished reading the first book in this series and would love to win the latest installment! The aspect of Elizabeth and Darcy's romance that I enjoy the most is that their personalities are opposite and yet love blossoms because of, not in spite of, their differences.

Stephanie2676 said...

I am so excited about this new book. I have several Jane Austen sequels and I am highly anticipating this new one.

Stephanie2676 said...

I am highly anticipating this new book. I have read several sequels and have been extremely diverted!

Kristen said...

Oh please enter me! whitreidsmama at yahoo dot com

I think that Darcy and Elizabeth's growing love is the icing on the cake that is Pride and Prejudice.

Marie Burton said...

Sign me up.. I would love to read this book, and I thank you for the opportunity!

marieburton2004 at Yahoo dot Com

Bloggin BB said...

What makes E & D's growing love for each other great is that as a reader you feel the turn around for each character. You feel each one of them start to reconsider the other and wonder, 'what if.' :)

Upper West Side Writer said...

Elizabeth and Darcy's growing love is amazing to read about because it *still* rings true today; I think that it is so poignant because that is often how love grows, in steps and out of the blue for the person experiencing it.

Thank you so much!


mjmbecky said...

What's not to love about Elizabeth and Darcy? We want to see them progress in their love, and to finally break down and admit to feelings they have fought against.

I really love new tellings of this story, so I'd love to get in on this one. Thanks for the offer!

Sue said...

This book sounds exciting! I love that Elizabeth hides the fact that she is falling in love with
Darcy from herself, that it comes as such a surprise when she finally realizes it!

Molly said...

I would love to add this book to my collection of Pride and Prejudice reading. Thanks for hosting the give away.

Mstermind1 at gmail dot com

Rebecca N. said...

I've never read any books by this author but would love to start. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!

throuthehaze said...

Count me in!
I appreciate the growing love between the two characters and Im glad that it wasnt an immediate thing. I like that it took a bit to get there

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Meredith said...

Wow! Thank you for another great opportunity again!

What I like most about Darcy and Elizabeth's love is that it catches them both unawares. Darcy didn't think he would find any suitable company in Meryton and lo and behold a country miss catches his eye! For Lizzy, she took an instant dislike to Mr. Darcy and labeled him the "last man in the world whom she could ever be prevailed on to marry!"

It just goes to show that if you don't go looking for love it will find you and that is something that is still true for today.

Thanks again for the interview and this great opportunity!

CherylS22 said...

Fitzwilliam Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet's growing love in P&P is a story of opposites being attracted to each other. What starts out as an antagonistic relationship turns into one of love. I've found a lot of relationships (my own included) that are between two totally different people & still work!


Vickie said... many books based off of Jane Austens novels. I wonder what she would think of all these spin-offs? I imagine she would be in complete shock!!

Jenny N. said...

Darcy and Elizabeth's growing love for each other is so endearing to me and why I just love the book. They seem so different (wealth, social status, personality etc.) yet they can overcome all those factors.

Pam said...

I love how Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have that kind of relationship that even when they dislike each other, it's a type of dislike that only 2 people who actually love and are passionate for each other have. You just kind of read the book, waiting for them to recognize what their feelings really are...

melacan at hotmail dot co

Trish said...

I have the other sequel-would love to read this one.

Wanda said...

Their love for each other was heartstopping .... It took my breath away!
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

Zahra said...

The growing love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have for eachother is something unmatched, to the point where they're one of the most ionic romantic couples of all time. The fact that it grew slowly into something beautifal is one of the best aspects of their relationship because it's realistic and practical-it took hardships and struggles to get to it's high point. They've revolutionized romance as it is- youth nowadays continue to absorb themselves in the magical, heart-warming romance that is Pride and Prejudice.

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