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Thursday, July 23

The Jane Austen House Museum Gets a Grand Make-over

The Jane Austen House Museum at Chawton in Hampshire has under gone a big renovation in honor of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's move to the village. A grand re-opening was celebrated by the community on July 5th. Visitors will now see a newly renovated interior, restoration of the Austen kitchen and a new learning center which features an audio-visual presentation of the life of Jane Austen, her family and her works.

Austen lived at Chawton Cottage from 1809-1817, and all of her six major novels were either revised or written there. You can read further about how this special home inspired her to continue writing after a ten year lapse, and its significance to Janeites at The Jane Austen House Museum Celebrates 200th Anniversary of the Author's Arrival at Chawton at Austenprose.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose

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Susie Tudor Daughter said...

I was just there at Chawton Cottage. It's fabulous, it's really quite emotional. A must see for all Austen fans.