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Saturday, July 11

Which Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Character are You?

Ok! The sad truth is revealed. I took the Which Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Character Are You quiz on Facebook and I am . . . you guessed it . . .

Mr. Collins: You have a huge fondness for cookies, cakes, and pies. In fact, you are so enamored with culinary delights and material wealth that you don’t notice that a zombie is a zombie . . . even when it’s sleeping in your bed.

Oh my! that toady buffoon that everyone but Lady Catherine abhors! At least I will come into property when Mr. Bennet is devoured by zombies in the P&P&Z sequel. Those Bennet women can just camp out in the hedgerows with the blackberries. Yum. Must put them to work picking blackberries for tarts. Lady Catherine would approve.

The incredible popularity of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies just keeps growing. Vic and I liked the book, but geesh, it seems to be the energizer bunny of spinoffs. This fall Quirk Books will be releasing a new deluxe edition with new illustrations and 30% more zombie action! You can follow co-authors Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith on Twitter, and visit the P&P&Z Facebook page.

To discover which P&P&Z character you are, register or sign in to Facebook and take the quiz here.

I am Mr. Collins!!! Oh my. Must do something to correct that - fast! Where are my cookies whilst I contemplate a solution?

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


sandyquill said...

I took it, too. And my result was Lady Catherine. Sadly disappointing, really, since I haven't a ninja on hand to retaliate against the injustice of it all.

Laura said...

OH No! I'm Lady Catherine de Bourgh.
But I think that could be good if we were forced to fight zombies!

Vic said...

Squeee! I am Elizabeth Bennet! A first. Please look for the image in the next post.

Lynn said...

Oh, for joy...I am Elizabeth Bennet !That was fun...thanks !

Amanda said...

I was Wickham. Too funny!! It said: You are dashing and debonair—but your heart is as rotten as a zombie’s. Ladies, watch out. :)