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Sunday, July 12

P Fug P

Oh, Rosamund Pike. You are such a pretty lady and I really liked your performance as Jane Bennet. But honestly, girlfriend, what were you thinking when you put this outfit together? It takes WORK to be showcased by the Go Fug Yourself gals. I mean, usually they point out the errors of starlets with absolutely no taste, like Roisin Murphy's fugly Minnie Mouse outfit. But, et tu, Rosamund?

In the future, find yourself a nice empire waist gown.


Raquel said...


perhaps, a bad day?

Rosamund Pike, in my opinion, fits perfectly to that words of Mrs. Bennet, "I was sure you could not be so beautiful for nothing!"

Bostan said...

I am not fond of the trousers with that outfit, but i love the shirt, shoes, and jacket. I think those are cute...

nigel said...

Too harsh!
Great to see somone being original.

Erin Jae said...

Love the Go Fug Yourself ladies. Their descriptions are funnier than the images. Not harsh, Nigel. Just a reality check. Like the shirt tho