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Thursday, August 27

Carey Mulligan in the News

Isabella Thorpe would be very pleased with all the attention she is receiving this week in the form of actress Carey Mulligan who portrayed her in the 2007 movie adaptation of Northanger Abbey. Recently, Carey was a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival for her role in the movie An Education in which she played Jenny, a 16-year old schoolgirl in 1960’s London who falls for a much older man. She was also featured in a glitzy five cover spread in the New York Times special feature Womens’ Fashion Fall 2009 Issue where five leading fashion designers dressed her up in designer duds and high fashion photographers captured five fantasy covers.

As if that was not enough to send the 24 year-old British actress in a publicity swoon, this week she has been romantically linked to her co-star Shia LaBeouf during their filming of producer-director Oliver Stone's Wall Street sequel, Money Never Sleeps, now shooting in New York. We are quite certain that Isabella would rebuff any gossip by adding “Psha! My dear creature, do not think me such a simpleton as to be always wanting to confine him to my elbow.”

Oh Carey. Life does not get much better.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Lynn said...

I really like this actress but I would warn her on her choice of men, if she is dating him.


Guess what? I posted about AN EDUCATION writing about coming soon movies I wouldn't miss ( but...I hadn't recognized her! I went on thinking:"I've alredy seen her but where"? WHEEERE?!? In one of my favourite costume TV movies! NORTHANGER ABBEY! Thanks for making me discover where I had already seen that lovely face!

Raquel said...

She is so beautiful and very good actress.
Carey Mulligan made me love Isabella Thorpe!

Laurel Ann said...

Raquel, I too greatly admire Carey Mulligan and enjoyed her performance as Isabella Thorpe. I predicted big things for her. She reminds me of British actress Wendy Hiller. One of my favorite movies is 'I know Where I'm Going' (1945)

ChaChaneen said...

She was a perfect Isabella Thorpe!