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Thursday, August 27

The Author of a Murder at Longbourn offers a Pride and Prejudice Quiz

Tracy Kiely's debut book, Murder at Longbourn, is coming out next week, and we'll be reviewing it soon. Meanwhile, get to know Tracy on her site and take this very hard Pride and Prejudice quiz. Let us know how well you did (there were quite a few I could not answer off the top of my head.) The answers are on the site.

Murder at Longbourn is set in the modern world in a Cape Cod inn. This murder mystery boasts characters like Elizabeth and Colin, and a cat named Lady Catherine. A "How to Host a Murder Party" has been planned for New Year's Eve, but something goes horribly wrong. Instead of guessing who dunnit in a faux murder, the guests are suspecting each other of a real life dastardly deed.

Tracy's first novel is a must read for Jane Austen fans who like their mysteries light, bright, and sparkling! Stay tuned for more about this "can't put it down" novel, and look for our review of the book and interview with the author. Enjoy the trailer!

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Ms. Lucy said...

What a neat trailer...can't wait for the review:) And- that really was a difficult quiz!

sandyquill said...

I'm so ashamed. I missed SIX. Gak. I've been reading this novel off and on for almost thirty years and I still missed half a dozen.

REALLY hard Thanks for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I didn't fare so well on the quiz. Must be time for a Pride and Prejudice reread!
The trailer certainly looks interesting, a book worth checking into.

Bluestocking said...

I only missed 4.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- I took one look at the quiz, felt my eyes bulging out of my skull and quickly clicked out of it! I'm ashamed to say I'm not sure how many I could guess right off the top of my head. I still consider myself a great fan, but obviously I needed to pay more attention to the details! :)

Marloes said...

The quiz was really fun, though it had a few mistakes such as Bennett, Gardner.

One question was even wrongly answered by the maker of the quiz!

What is the name of the Bennet’s maid? was answered with Mrs. Hill. However, Hill was the housekeeper of Longbourn. The maids's name was Sarah!

Yes, my ego is REALLY big now ;)

Beatrice said...

I made 7 mistakes, that means I got 86.54 % correct answers ! That's not quite that bad, is it ?

Marloes is absolutely right, the maid's name is Sarah, it is mentioned in Ch.55 when the Bennet girls dress for dinner with Bingley.

And there are more typos: Lampton (correctly: Lambton) and Kymptom (correctly: Kympton). Sorry for nitpicking.

tdk said...

Thanks so much to those who caught my typos and the mistake on Sarah! I've corrected them all - Tracy K