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Wednesday, August 5

Seen on the Blogosphere: Jane Austen Items for Sale

Worth $60? You decide if you would pay that amount for these KEDS Jane Austen shoes.

Oh, yes, Lizzie is a headstrong, obstinate girl. Is this not why we love her? Here's a pin for $3.50.

The Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom website states:
Fanny's beloved sailor brother William sends her an amber cross as a gift, an incident copied from life, as Jane Austen's brother Charles sent topaz crosses to his sisters. To wear the cross at the ball, Fanny needs a chain. Mary gives her one of her own necklaces, but it turns out that Fanny has been tricked into accepting what is really the gift of Henry, her unwelcome suitor. Meanwhile Edmund, the man Fanny secretly loves, buys a simple gold chain for his cousin. When she comes to try them, Fanny finds that Henry's necklace won't go through the cross, but Edmund's chain will. The symbolism is obvious, but subtle.

The Jane Austen Centre is selling this beautiful cross at a sale price, from £20.00 to £15.00.


Melanie said...

Those shoes are so awesome! I'd love to hear what my friends think if they saw me in them. The pin is really cool too! That would definitely be something I'd stick on my bookbag. Perhaps these items should go on my Christmas wishlist? :)

Laurel Ann said...

OOOooo! Those Jane Austen keds are way cool. But ... I would hate to get dirt on Jane Austen's face!

I want the topaz cross. Mine, mine, mine!

nigel said...

Put me down for dozen pair of the shoes, although, Hhmmm... size and fit may be an issue? Oh Darn! I bet they don't come in Hobbit sizes.

Barbara said...

I like those shoes :) - but $60??? I don't think I would want to spend that much!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE those shoes!

bumblebeesies said...

i would like a shoe with an assortment of jane austen quotes in fancy handwriting. white shoes....i would make them charcoal in a day.

Lynn said...

I would never wear those shoes ( I like to think Jane Austen was prettier than she actually was and that picture reminds me she wasn't, as far as we know ) but Topaz is my birthstone, so I'd like the cross.

Marie Burton said...

Keds has a good thing going there, they were always classy but now I Can't afford them.. And as far as those pins go, they would be better served making those a magnet.
And the cross I've seen somewhere and it's going to bother me till I remember where..It wasn't supposedly Austen related at that point though but very pretty.
Would love some more AustenMania Products!

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve theses and would definitely buy a pair IF they were less expensive. Then I could kick all those yucky vampire people out of my Austen book isles! ha ha