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Tuesday, October 13

Dolls 19th Century Style

Emma 2009 shows the young Emma playing with her dolls underneath a table and a grown up Emma fingering her dolls on a fireplace mantle.

Up All Night Studio at Etsy sells handmade reproduction of dolls that were typically found in early 19th century European and American households. "Head, hands and feet are constructed of a durable composition clay. The primitive body is made of muslin. The entire doll has been treated to a stained and antiqued finish. Hands and feet are attached with ecru ribbon, the arms are unstuffed and attached to the dress separately. All clay parts on the doll are hand sculpted using no molds."

Antique Bisque Dolls: This Collectors Weekly site discusses antique bisque dolls.

Blaise Castle: This site features a history of toys.

Wooden Doll Hants Web: "Her head and body are made from one piece of wood, which has been turned on a lathe and then carved. The separately-made legs are jointed at the hips and knees. Although her hands are delicately crafted out of wood, her upper arms are made of either soft linen fabric or kid leather, attached to the torso. For her eyes, the doll maker would have carved diamond-shaped holes into the head, and then added drops of blown glass.

The wooden parts of her body and head are painted with cream-coloured paint, over a coating of gesso (a mixture of plaster of Paris and glue). Less fine dolls of the period were only painted on the face and neck. The painter’s final touch is to add her eyebrows, lips and cheeks. She has a wig of real hair."

McCall's Wooden Peg Doll: These dolls were also popular during the era.


Lynnae said...

I Loved Emma and her dolls!!! (Thanks to Youtube)
What a great post. I will have to check out that etsy shop.

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve how the dolls are at the preacher ready to be married! What a subtle message... lol

Fun post, thanks for sharing!

Dina said...

those are so cool.