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Friday, October 9

Masterpiece Mystery Inspector Lewis Preview: Quality of Mercy Airs Sunday

The second season of the Inspector Lewis mysteries continues with ‘Quality of Mercy’ Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm ET on PBS. Here is a brief description from the Masterpiece Mystery website. This episode has a Shakespearean slant, with drama, daggers and death!

A student production of The Merchant of Venice takes real-life deadly turn when a cast member is killed using a prop knife. Apart from the jealous ensemble cast who can't even muster fake tears over the loss of their colleague, there is an audience of suspects to consider — a career con man, an egotistical television personality and a young man who just might have killed to get a part in the play. Lewis and Hathaway methodically try to make sense of the murderous plot, but before they do, another death occurs with a Shakespearean sensibility. As the final act is about to unfold, the case takes an intensely personal turn for Lewis, bringing back traumatic memories and invoking a lesson in mercy.

Watch a preview of the Masterpiece Mystery season
Read the full synopsis (spoilers ahead)
Read the full cast and crew listing

Last week’s episode ‘Allegory of Love’ included Laurence Fox’s (DS James Hathaway) father James Fox in the role of Norman Deering, and Louise Dylan as Melanie Harding who is in the current BBC One adaptation of Emma as Harriet Smith. You can catch up with the season and watch it online through Sunday, October 18th, 2009, ET.

Totally hooked on the series, I am charmed by the enigmatic DS Hathaway. This is definitely my favorite series of the Masterpiece Mystery season. Not only is it smart, reflective, with excellent casting, you get to see great views of Oxford. I hope you enjoy it also.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Emma xx said...


I'm a B. Journalism student doing a feature article assignment on the 'Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen' exhibit at the National Art Gallery of Victoria. I'd love to ask you a few questions about your interest in Jane Austen and what it is about her that motivates you to run this blog, if you have the time.

You can contact me on

Love the blog! About to watch the first episode of Emma...can't wait to see it for myself!


Anonymous said...

Love the dishy Hathaway too! It's such a shame they won't be airing the episode called "Counter Culture Blues"...

Breemgrrl said...

Sunday nights will certainly feel a bit empty without this wonderful series.

And while I do appreciate the charms of the dishy Hathaway, I've got rather more of a crush on Lewis. (What can I say, I've always liked older men ...)

Anonymous said...




















Nonna Beach said...

I have watched this series and it is good but I always figure out who did it in the first 15 minutes !