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Friday, October 30

Oh, Carey Mulligan

She's gorgeous. She's talented. And we found her first in Pride and Prejudice 2005 as Kitty Bennet. Now she's making a big splash in An Education. But, Carey Mulligan, dahling. What have you DONE to yourself? Our question to you, our readers is: Is her look IN or OUT?

Carey Before in 2005

Carey After at a recent event. Is she even recognizable? free polls
Carey Mulligan's Fashion Sense
In? Out? I don't care, she's talented

(Image: Go Fug Yourself )


ChaChaneen said...

She needs some lipstick and a smile.

Charleybrown said...

I would love to have a word with those fashion stylists who come up with crazy hair and wardrobe ideas. I do like Carey's new pixie cut seen in other pics!

Nonna Beach said...

Stylists have to be the biggest kiss ups and baloney artists around, except, of course, personal assistants show biz people hire too ! What on earth is that woman seeing when she looks in the mirror ???

Abbie said...

Ah, I think it's just the photograph. In other recent photos, she doesn't really look like that. Just one of those photos where the subject doesn't quite look like their self. We all get that sometimes.