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Friday, November 6

Austen’s Power – Zombies “et al”

I know, I know. I am writing about Austen monster mash-up’s again. Sick of it as much as me yet? Here’s an article in Hemispheres, United Airlines online magazine about one Janeite writer’s experience with a sales clerk while buying P&P (the original) at Borders Bookstore that inspired her to write about the swath of Austen inspired derivatives and her enduring popularity.

While I must gently reprove her (since I work for Barnes and Noble) for trusting that she would receive exemplary customer service without snark at a Borders, I will commend her for doing her homework and asking a great source for her opinion on the recent rage of Austen monster mayhem and what Jane Austen would think of it. ;-)

Just love the clever illustration by Thomas Allen

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


nigel said...

I am sure Lady Catherine would disapprove too!

Alexa Adams said...

I just met a young man in a bar yesterday who, upon learning I write Jane Austen fan fic, informed me that he had read P&P&Z, agreed with me that it was terrible, but then said, "At least it's better than the original." What a slap in the face! It turns out he has never even read Pride & Prejudice (sans Zombies), an ex-girlfriend having informed him that Jane's heroines were week minded damsels who just did what the men in their lives told him. Of course, I adamantly informed him how mistaken his ex was but the entire encounter left me feeling like I need therapy in order to continue dealing with this phenomenon.

The picture is awesome! Where can I get a "Jane is my home girl" hoodie? Perhaps it would ward off the haters.