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Sunday, November 8

Jane Austen Movie Throwdown

Today's throwdown concentrates on Elizabeth Bennet's best friend, Charlotte Lucas in Pride and Prejudice. Much older than her friend, Charlotte decides on a course of action that Elizabeth does not comprehend: Marrying a twit.

How any self-respecting woman could place herself in the position of life long mate to Mr. Collins is a puzzle to Elizabeth, who cannot completely forgive Charlotte for compromising her principles. Charlotte's decision must have been common in Jane's day: To take the first man who comes along or face a life living as a second class citizen in someone else's house, always taking someone else's orders and never having the freedom to make one's own choices. Mr. Collins proposal, which Charlotte worked hard for, was her first opportunity to become mistress of her own house, have some standing in life, and raise a family. Charlotte knew that because of her age and lack of good looks, no other offers would come her way, and so her brain said yes, even though her heart was not involved.

Which actress in your opinion played Charlotte best? This is a tough choice, I know, for Charlotte is often not given much screen time.

Which Actress Played Charlotte Lucas Best?

Karen Morley, 1940 P&P and Irene Richard, 1980 P&P

Lucy Scott, 1995 P&P; Claudie Blakley, 2005 P&P, or Michelle Duncan, Lost in Austen

Which actress played Charlotte Lucas best?
Karen Morley, 1940
Irene Richard, 1980
Lucy Scott, 1995
Claudie Blakley, 2005
Michelle Duncan, 2008 free polls


Charleybrown said...

I voted for Claudie Blakley. I think she best suited the image in my mind as I read the novel.

nigel said...

For me it was Lucy Scot as my image of Charlotte perhaps because the Jenifer Ehle and Colin Firth series had such an impact through its length in weekly episodes resulting in more reflection time rather than just a two hour cinema fix.

Does that make sense?

Vic said...

Indeed it does Nigel. I wondered if more people would vote for Lucy because of the length of the 1995 P&P, but Claudie seems to have made more of a recent impression

Nonna Beach said...

Lucy Scott is my favorite of all the Charlotte's. I agree with Nigel's reasons for my choice.

It does make perfect sense to me Nigel!

nigel said...

Thank you, Vic and Nona Beach.

Maria L. said...

I agree with Nigel also.

I would also add that Claudie Blakley's Charlotte seems too feisty to settle for Mr. Collins. Lucy Scot really convinced me of that streak of quiet desperation in Charlotte's pragmatic acceptance that Mr. Collins was as good as it was going to get for her....

Alexa Adams said...

It was a hard call between Lucy Scott and Irene Richards but I had to go with the latter. The 1995 Pride & prejudice is iconic but the 1980 version is pretty great also and often overlooked. Irene Richards did a great job and, being more homely than Lucy Scott (who I always thought a bit too pretty for the role), better fulfills my visual image of Charlotte.

Deb said...

Lucy Scott is the definite Charlotte for me. There is a public shyness married with a private, gentle honesty that I find appealing. Karen was just too pretty; Irene too plain; Claudia too pretty and with a touch of vibrancy; and Michelle just kind of a non-being for me. In my mind, Mr. Collins' vanity would require him to have a wife that would be somewhat attractive to others. And Lucy's portrayal of Charlotte's perfect, resolute resolve to her marriage could not have been more spot on!

Shelly said...

Definitely think Lucy Scott. I love the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice!