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Friday, January 29

Follow Friday: The 18th-Century Gossip Girls – Heather and Lauren

Here are two clever and sassy ladies to follow this week: Heather of The Duchess of Devonshire’s Gossip Guide and Lauren of Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide. These two talented team bloggers are devoted to English and French royalty, history, art, fashion and gossip in the 18th-century. Their beautiful blogs are resplendent with the most fascinating facts, dug up from the stacks of some dusty library no doubt, detailing the tragic, the shocking and the hilarious lives of upper-crust society. I dote on The Tart of the Week on the Devonshire Gossip Guide and What Would Marie Do? on Antoinette Gossip Guide and would not miss them.

You can also follow Heather and Lauren on Twitter where you can catch them dropping gossip about the most scandalous subjects and a few important historical points of interest on the web.

Visit Heather at The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide
Visit Lauren at Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide

Enjoy! Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Muse in the Fog said...

oh, lovely blogs. Thanks for the links :)

Ms. Lucy said...

I adore these blogs and am an avid follower:) The stuff they post is absolutely fabulous. Like a delicious cafe au lait, I can't start my morning without them:)

Arabella said...

I was following the Maria Antoinette blog, so I'm pleased to know about the companion blog. Thanks. I've added it to my blogroll.

Lesley-Anne McLeod said...

Thank you for tips on these blogs! I love your 'you might also like' feature.

nigel said...

May I pass on this question?

But looking forward to; Who the sexiest Austen Babe throw down (smiles).