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Friday, January 15

Follow Friday: Becca of the Jane Austen Centre Giftshop

Becca Hemmings is the manager of our favorite online emporium for all things Austen, the Jane Austen Centre Giftshop.

Imagine going to work everyday and being surrounded by Austen inspired merchandise, creating marketing strategies and playing on Facebook, Twitter and eBay? Sounds like the dream job to me! Lucky Becca.

You can follow Becca on Facebook & Twitter as she posts updates on new merchandise and sales and chats about her favorite author – you guessed it – Jane Austen!

Visit the Jane Austen Centre Giftshop online
Visit the Jane Austen Centre Giftshop on eBay

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose

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Hannah said...

Thanks for posting! You have a beautiful blog.