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Friday, January 15

Jane Austen Adaptation Actors in the News

Colin Firth (Mr Darcy 1995) as George VI and Helena Bonham-Carter as Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in The King's Speech, Colin's latest movie which he is currently filming. No images of Jennifer Ehle yet, but we'll post them as soon as they are available.

Why is Carey Mulligan (Kitty Bennet, 2005) the new "It" girl British import in Hollywood? This Daily Mail article spells it out: She's fresh and she's hot,' said Peter Rice, the head of Fox Searchlight. a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences opined,'There's a certain type of British actress we embrace - like Kate Winslet, Emily Blunt or Keira Knightley. Carey's the new girl and people are falling in love with her.'

Gemma Arterton (Elizabeth Bennet, Lost in Austen) makes her London theatre debut in The Little Dog Laughed, a satire on the hypocrisy of Hollywood. Gemma should know something about the topic, having appeared as a Bond girl in Quantum Of Solace. She will also be seen in Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia, both coming out this year.
Last but not least. What does the incomparable Anna Massey have in common with Helen Jerome's classic play interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, Celia Johnson, and Raymond Massey?

Find out in this article from Jane Austen's World.

Anna, who played Mrs. Norris in 1983's Mansfield Park, revealed a wit as acerbic as Jane Austen's in her autobiography,Telling Some Tales. She describes one New York Theatre gathering with this delicious observation: "The room was full of egos, many of whom wrote their own notices as they shook your hand."

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Ruth said...

I'm really looking forward to The King's Speech film - thanks for the images!

CAM Creations said...

Cant wait for the Kings speech film.

Nonna Beach said...

Yeah ! I am a big fan of the Queen Mother and her King...Also Anna Massey...ever since I first saw her as Lady Laura in "The Pallisers"

Shadeaumarie said...

I think you're stuck in the Regency. That should be George VI, not the IV.

Southerner said...

I actually saw the Queen Mother twice. Once when she was opening a new YMCA in Surbiton and once in a carriage on, The Mall, on the way to Princess Anne's first wedding.
Great to come across a Jane Austen.

I realise I am an unlikely candidate for being a Janeite but various influences over the years have brought me to love her novels.

I am also lucky to live in Jane country. I come from Southampton on the south coast where jane lived for two years beteen 1806 and 8107 and nowadys I live in Wimbledon, South London a mere stones throw from most of the sites Jane mentions in her surviving letters.

On my new BLOG, London Calling I have many pictures of places Jane mentions in her letters.

Please free to have a look.

All the best,
Tony Grant

Vic said...

Shadeaumarie: Thanks for the correction.

ChaChaneen said...

Oooh great first images!

nigel said...

Gemma Arterton, Yes please!!