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Friday, January 1

Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop Sale

Make haste! Our favorite online emporium for all things Austen, the Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop, is having an after holiday sale with up to 75% off selected merchandise.

One special item that caught my eye was Lizzie Bennet’s Gift Box – Bath Treats. Exclusive to The Jane Austen Centre, this pretty pink gift set contains one delicately scented Lizzie Bennet Soap (45g) and two indulgent rose bud, cocoa butter bath melts, all nestled in a bed of straw within a pink display box. Just in time to sooth your soul after the hectic holiday season.

There is a great assortment of items, including the Pride and Prejudice peacock tote, which I am quite enamored with, and may not be able to pass up!

Happy shopping from the ease and comfort of your keyboard.

Cheers, Laurel Ann


Enid Wilson said...

The peacock tote's amazing but I've overspent during Christmas already...uhmm...thinking...thinking

Happy New Year!

Really Angelic

ChaChaneen said...

Tempting, tempting, tempting!!!!

fedor84 said...

your website is excellent, thanks for the information.


Tammy said...

oh that tote is amazing...hmmm might have to think about it.

Happy New Year

Nonna Beach said...

The best Austen gift for me is a set of first editions of her novels...wonder how many pounds that would cost ???