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Saturday, January 16

John Lithgow Tweets About Jennifer Ehle and Their New Play

Gentle Readers: On February 22, Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet 1995) and John Lithgow are slated to star in the off Broadway production of Mr. & Mrs. Fitch, The Second Stage Theater, New York. The play, which is penned by Beane (The Little Dog Laughed, Xanadu), centers on two gossip columnists. A press release grandly announces: "When the social circuit no longer provides any scandalous news, they find that great celebrity can appear out of thin air." According to Playbill, the new comedy promises "a scathing look at who is in, who is out and who may not even exist at all."

John Lithgow's Tweets describe the rehearsals, which he says are going well. He has nothing but praise for Jennifer:

Questions about my play: MR & MRS FITCH by Douglas Carter Beane at 2nd Stage in NY, 1/26 to 3/21, with Jennifer Ehle. She and it are tops. - Jan 14

Just realized our first preview is in 13 days. Lines! Lines! - Jan 13

Rehearsals with Jennifer Ehle going great, and Richard Eyre's CARMEN at Met last night just tremendous, good NY dayz. - Jan 9

I"m such a sucker for CRANFORD on PBS, and I don't care who knows it. Haven't shed such tears since TERMS OF ENDEARMENT. - Jan 3

MR & MRS FITCH, that is. A new play at 2nd Stage Theatre in NY, starting on January 26. The entire cast is Jennifer Ehle and I. - Jan 3

1/3 of FITCH staged in a 5 hour rehearsal. Jennifer E. is fast, smart, and fabulous, Scott Ellis terrific. This is going to be some fun. - Jan 3

Saw pals Fey, Armison, S.Martin, J.Gleason, P.Wilson, C.Nixon, D.H.Hwang, F.Oz, et al in last 48 hrs. NY rules! (w. apologies for namedrops) - Jan 1

In NY, 3rd day of M/M Fitch (great!) Last night a great B'klyn: Vinegar Hill House followed by BRIEF ENCOUNTER at St. Anne's Warehouse. - Dec 31

Purchase the tickets at this site: Click here.

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Megan said...

I am not a John Lithgow fan, he's always in every, so tired of him! He totally rained on my "Leap Year" parade! But, I do love Jennifer Ehle, my favorite performance of her was in "Possession".

Anonymous said...

Megan: She was wonderful in Possession, wasn't she? "I can not let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed." Le sigh. I love when she says that line.

I might just have to figure out a way to see this play; she is a phenomenal actor. Lithgow doesn't bother me, I just don't like to see him in comedies... I know, right; it's hard not to trip over one.

Megan said...

I love that line! She's so bril! (Attempting to put the English expression "bril" into U.S. everyday life...) Oh, well..some things are just too good to let John Lithgow get me down! But, I do love him every once in a while, it just gets kind of annoying when he is ALWAYS popping up!

nigel said...

Hhmmm. Jennifer

Nonna Beach said...
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Nonna Beach said...

Oops...made a typo in the above deleted sorry !

Oh, wonderful Jennifer...the stage is nice but film is better. More of us can see her then !

I must stick up a little for John L. He is good in everything he is in but annoying too, I will admit. He was really creepy in "The Lost Boys"

After all, not all men can be as appealing as Colin Firth !