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Friday, February 5

Follow Friday: Jane Odiwe of Austen Effusions

Author and artist Jane Odiwe of the Austen Effusions website and Jane Austen Sequels Blog is one of my favorite Austenesque authors writing today. Her two recently published sequels: Lydia Bennet’s Story and Willoughby’s Return are both classic Regency-era novels inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice & Sense and Sensibility respectively. Jane’s understanding and knowledge of the culture and history of the time and Jane Austen’s characters are superb. Her artistic eye and keen sense of humor always delights. I know that I’m in for a great read when I crack open one of her books.

We also have the advantage of visiting England vicariously through Jane, who not only resides there, but travels to Jane Austen sites including Lyme Regis, Bath and many of the movie film locations sharing her travelogue and photos with us.

You can also follow Jane on Twitter as she tweets about Jane Austen, her research and writing career.

Visit Jane at Jane Austen Sequels Blog by Jane Odiwe
Visit Jane at her official website Austen Effusions
Read an interview of Jane by Vic at Jane Austen's World

Enjoy! Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Lori said...

I love Jane! She is a charming, lovely lady. I encourage any Austen fan to check out her books - - they are wonderful additions to the Austen-inspired library and most worthy of Ms. Austen herself.

Katherine said...

I just finished Willoughby's Return a couple days ago, it was a delightful read! I now look forward to soon reading Lydia Bennet's story.

Enid Wilson said...

Heard great words about Lydia Bennet's Story. It's good that Jane write about Lydia, a character with unlimited possibilities.

vic said...

I lurv Jane Odiwe!