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Wednesday, March 24

Dissin Gerard Butler and Mr Darcy is Bad Form

Dissin Gerry Butler and Mr. Darcy is bad form! A recent NPR review by Linda Holmes about the new film, The Bounty Hunter, is wrong on SO many levels. First, do not dis my MAN, Gerard (Gerry) Butler! Ever since Phanthom of the Opera and his turn as hunky Spartan King Leonidus in 300, I have been waiting for him to CLAIM ME as his own. Miss Holmes, a most nonsensical reviewer, does not realize that die-hard Gerry Butler fans will PAY to see him clean toilets and act in tripe worse than The Bounty Hunter.

Linda could still have redeemed herself until she made THIS worthless statement:

It is time to let Mr. Darcy go. I have nothing against Mr. Darcy. In fact, I had nothing against the original Mr. Darcy when he became Bridget Jones' Mr. Darcy, because har-har, I get it.

But then You've Got Mail brought Mr. Darcy into things, and there was another movie, and at this point, Mr. Darcy has been played out. Overplayed out. So if your next idea is to call your guy the head of Darcy Industries, or a club figure named DJ Darcy, or a professional hockey player who goes by "Fitzie"? Please forget it. There are other references.

How this Linda person found a job as a critic is beyond me. Read the rest of her ridiculous words at this link .

Sincerely, Vic

The duo of Craig Ferguson and Gerard Butler chat it up in this great video. What can be better than two Scots men shooting the bull?


Heather Carroll said...

For shame, Linda! For shame.

Lauren said...

Good lord, this reminds me I paid for the train wreck " - what on earth was that movie called? ...oh goodness The Ugly Truth :o| Anyway the point is, I agree Vic! (how did you find a pic of my desktop background! HA)

Quite sure there are other great literary characters who make more 'appearances' in pop culture aside from Austen's Mr. Darcy. Says something about the writer, non?

Bonnie said...

I LOVED Gerard Butler in "Dear Frankie" - oh my gosh, it was a small-ish part but I loved him in that.

cannwin said...

Yeah, anyone who disses Darcy like that ought to get fired.

And as for Butler... I can't tell if it's the tall, dark and handsome that gets me or the accent.

I'm a married woman and I still feel slightly swooney at the sight (or sound) of him. --I think my favorite role he's played was in P.S. I Love You

Arabella said...

I hope I won't be unceremoniously booted out if I say I thought the review was funny. The thing is, I went to a bookstore the other day, and I couldn't turn around without seeing the words "Mr. Darcy" or something else having to do with Pride and Prejudice. I'm all for Mr. Darcy, but it's getting so bad out there that my friends wanted me to name my only son after him.

As far as Gerard Butler, yeah he's quite the hottie, except that he's been in some vile movies, such as "The Ugly Truth". I haven't seen "The Bounty Hunter", though. Are there references to Darcy in it?

Raquel said...

I love Craig Ferguson... it is only me?

T. The Destructor said...

I was just browsing through Bing, trying to find out the name of the 'Era' Jane Austen lived through for my own Austen post, and your blog for today popped up.

Your blog post + Mr. Darcy + Mr. Sexy Butler = my long lost blogging soul mate LOL.

Love it!

Allison said...

Ugh! How dare she!!

Also, I've never seen that picture with Keira Knightley before. Is it from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice? (if so, it's hard to tell that Matthew MacFadyen is Matthew MacFadyen at that angle) It's a lovely picture, and kind of reminds me of the end of Notting Hill.

Gerard is sooo... ruggedly handsome. Yes, that's what I would call him, cliche as it may be.

Bee said...

I'm so on YOUR side.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

First of all, not mess with the Butler that is Gerard! The man can do NO wrong in my eyes!

Secondly, Mr. Darcy...overdone? Never! Darcy is truly the only way we get to see a guy that is kind of an ass redeem himself in a big way. Don't take that away from us Linda! There's a reason why I never listen to the critics...their statements can be so prat-like!

I saw that Craig and Gerard interview. It was great! I love Craig almost as much as Gerard...almost!

Nonna Beach said...

Sheesh...Some people ( Linda, the supposed writer ) needs to back off and rethink the awkward position she has created for herself( akin to painting herself into a corner with no way out)

While others with more cultivated tastes, ( and also a better literary education ) just write brilliantly with very few words...

Bravo for your insights...I agree totally !

Love you,

Juju at Tales of said...

Amen sister. I love that man!

one said...

I agree with Bonnie, Gerard Butler was agood role model in Dear Frankie.

ChaChaneen said...

Oh no she didn't!?


She/Linda, must be looking for fame ... ie, receive all the attention of defaming half of the best love story ev-ah! Yeah, that will get your name out there... on the black list!

Great words Vic! ha ha

mjmbecky said...

All I can say is Amen sister! You responded perfectly to this review. :) I'm thinking that we're both hoping Butler comes and finds us, eh?