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Friday, March 19

Friday Follow

Austenblog, I hail thee as the blog that lit the dark way through the unformed miasma of the 2004 blogosphere and showed other Janeites with a PC or Mac how to follow, for you have been around longer than most of us. You, oh, Margaret Sullivan, with thy sharp wit, keen knowledge of all things Austen, and minions who comment on your posts with a wit almost as sharp as yours. You, who wrote that informative The Jane Austen Handbook for the Jane Austen fan and There Must Be Murder for Jane Austen Centre Magazine. You, who noticed my iddy biddy blog way back in 2006 and pointed people my way (thank you so much) and add so much to our perception of Jane Austen on a regular basis - I curtsy to you and make my bow.

Most recently Austen blog has featured an excellent series that all true Janeites should read - The League of Austens Extraordinary Gentlemen. Click on the following links and you will not be sorry. I promise.


Raquel said...

Ave, Mags!

Mags said...

Aw, that's sweet. Thanks. :-)

meredith r. said...

Love visiting Austen blog!