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Wednesday, March 17

Jane Austen Festival Australia 15-19 April 2010

Canberra, Australia
Director: Mrs Aylwen Gardiner-Garden
Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy
Ph: 0409 817 623

Click on the website Earthly Delights for more details


Nonna Beach said...

Oh, how Hubs has been to Australia and loved it...wish I could attend this festival and savor all the beauty and delights that country has to offer !!!

one said...

Earthly Delights are a wonderful group who taught me how to dance.

Every year they have a Pride and Prejudice Ball at St John’s Church in Canberra and the Pirates of the Caribbean Ball is a lot of fun with a dance called the Battering Ram (very scary because you think you will collide with other dancers but never do; smiles).

However their regency events, costumes and atmosphere are joyous. If you are visiting Australia I highly recommend any of their activities because they take it slowly and patiently with beginners, while remaining authentic for the purists.

If you are a man and unsure about the effeminate nature of the exercise please go because the girls are real babes just dying to dance with men.

Why did I ever come to surf town?

Emma Hox said...

What a fun event, i wish I was there to go.

ronald said...

It'll still be on April. You can still attend the festivities. :)
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Kate the Book Buff said...

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