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Thursday, April 15

Jane Austen Miniatures

These Jane Austen objects are amazingly small and realistic. Find a bonnet and writing desk no bigger than your fingers at Honey and Bee, where they can be special ordered. The tiny books are made of leather and archival paper. The scale is 1:12. View more items atAusten Inspiration.


Raquel said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! what more could I say?

Southerner said...

Brilliant miniatures.It would be great to have a miniature cottage to display them in.

You can see the real stuff at Jane's Chawton cottage in Hampshire.

Anybody feel like a tour of Jane's Hampshire? Just send me a message and I'll organise it. It would be great if we could get a group together. I'd, do the research, plan the pub lunches, provide the maps,hire the transport and so on.

It's all only a stones throw from where I live.

All the best,

Vic said...

What a wonderful offer, Tony. Would it stand for next year?

Southerner said...

Hi Vic,
Next year will be fine.
Give me a few weeks notice.

I'm taking early retirement from full time teaching this year but I have a lot of things to do. I will be doing some supply teaching and I'm getting involved in another project too.

It would be good to get a few people together.

All the best,

Grace said...

Thank you for posting! I made these miniatures and they were an absolute delight.

-Grace, aka Honey and Bee