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Sunday, April 11

Jane Austen Movie Throwdown

This week's poll concerns reading scenes or scenes involving a book in Jane Austen movie sequel adaptations. Which are your favorite scenes involving a book/reading?

Jemima Rooper as Amanda Price loves to read Pride and Prejudice. Before long, Lizzie Bennet steps inside her bathroom and she finds herself living inside the book. When Mr. Darcy (Elliot Cowan) reads Pride and Prejudice, he mistakenly thinks that Amanda revealed private information. Angered, he tears the book up and tosses it in a fountain.

In The Jane Austen Book Club, Prudie Drummond (Emily Blunt) convinces her husband Dean (Marc Blucas) to read Persuasion. He not only loves the book, but the story brings the couple closer and helps to mend their troubled marriage.

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is an expert shopper in Clueless, loosely based on Emma, and one would never confuse her for a book worm. Her Mr. Knightley, Josh (played by Paul Rudd) is a serious law student in college. The snappy dialog makes watching the film a treat. CHER: Hey, granola breath, you got something on your chin. JOSH: I'm growing a goatee. CHER: Oh, that's good. You don't want to be the last one at the coffee house without chin pubes. free polls
Favorite movie scene involving a book or reading
Lost in Austen The Jane Austen Book Club Clueless


ChaChaneen said...

Definitely Lost in Austen! Favorite!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You left out my top favorite: that scene in "You've Got Mail"! Kathleen/Shopgirl (Meg Ryan) writes to Joe/NY152 (Tom Hanks) about how much she loves P&P, so we hear her voicing over her email full of praise for the novel, while we see him struggling through the book, just because she recommended it to him.

I especially love it when he gets frustrated with the language, and angrily shuts the book. Then Kathleen says -on voiceover- something like "... I am always in agony on whether Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are truly, honestly going to end together!", so Joe bravely sips on his book to sum up the courage, and picks up the book again, wanting to know how it ends. Isn't that an adorable Austen-Reading Scene?

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant Joe sips on his *beer* to sum up courage. Sorry!