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Thursday, May 6

Modern Kitchen Based on the Georgian Model

For most of the 18th century, American architecture took its inspiration from English houses. This article from Old House Online showcases a modern kitchen with a contemporary take on Georgian kitchens that people from Jane Austen's era would have recognized and perhaps even liked. The difference is that:

"Georgian-era kitchens were very much out of sight and out of mind, a below-stairs warren of kitchens (cooking areas), sculleries (for washing and cleaning), larders, and pantries where, in the grandest houses, an army of cooks and servants worked over open fires (and the owners rarely set foot)."

The trick with this room was to create a space that looked like an old, traditional kitchen but that is the hub of the house.


Anonymous said...

I dream of such a kitchen!

Raquel said...


when you say "kitchens were very much out of sight and out of mind" I remember Gosford Park with its upstairs and downstairs lives.

Nonna Beach said...

I love that...Makes my little kitchen look so icky !

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Nocturnal Queen said...


Dana Huff said...

I want that kitchen.