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Saturday, May 29

Pride and Prejudice in Emoticons

Pride & Prejudice in Emoticons

Pride & Prejudice: a drama in triple i parts, as told by Yahoo!Emoticons and Bookshop, the author of this brilliant piece:



Bingley: :-h
Darcy: :|

Meryton: [-O<
Mrs Bennet: $-)
Mr Bennet: :-j

Jane: ">
Bingley: :x

Darcy: L-)
Lizzie: 8-|
Darcy: :-?
Lizzie: :))
Darcy: :|

Wickham: ;;)
Lizzie: ;;)
Lydia: ;;)
Darcy: ;;)?
Lizzie: =;
Darcy: :-w

~Proposal the First~

Mr Collins: :-B
Lizzie: :-@
Mr Collins: [-O<
Lizzie: :-&
Charlotte: :-?
Mr Collins: *-:)
Charlotte: ">
Lizzie: #-o

Bingley: :-h
Jane: =((


~at Kent~

Lady Catherine: [-)
Collins: ^:)^
Darcy: :|
Lizzie: /:)
Darcy: ;;)?
Lizzie: :-??

Find the rest of the story at: Bookshop, Live Journal. Thank you Charley Brown of Enchanted Serenity of Period Films for pointing me in this direction!


Cranberry Morning said...

I LOVE this. :-)
I'll be back.

ChaChaneen said...

That's so funny! ha ha ha I lurve the chatter icon! ha ha

Marilyn Brant said...

Oh, this is hilarious! Poor broken-hearted Jane... LOL at the the bowing Mr. Collins. :)

Laurie Viera Rigler said...

This is totally brilliant! Love it! My favorite is the Mr. Collins icon doing the "I'm not worthy" bow! Thank you for giving me a big and much needed laugh tonight.

Enid Wilson said...

LOL, I like Lizzy's sigh of relief when Mr. Collins and Charlotte hook up!

Steamy Darcy

Adriana Zardini said...

I loved them! Really funny!