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Friday, June 11

Follow Friday: Antique and Vintage Dress Gallery

Want to purchase a garment towards your very own Regency costume? Check out the Antique and Vintage Dress Gallery, 1750-1840's page!

This is a partial description of the listing of this Pelisse with Leg O'Mutton Sleeves, 1830:

Gorgeous burgundy wine silk color. Beautifully made, all hand stitched Original hooks/eyes at back. Excellent condition with only one 1" wear at the very bottom edge at back (see photo), and although it's all original, one back panel is ever so slightly darker than the other and with an extra horizontal seam (see photo - hardly worth a mention). Really this piece is in wonderful condition! Measures: 30" bust, 27" underbust (fits smaller than measures, and tiny shoulders). Really best for display, though strong enough to be worn!

Cost? $685. Click on the site to see more lovely offerings.


Charleybrown said...

Lovely finds Vic! I especially like the Men's $25,000 frock coat :)

Jessica said...

Gorgeous! Can you even imagine wearing it? I'd be afraid to even breathe in it's general direction!

Enid Wilson said...

The colour and detail are amazing!

Really Angelic

Southerner said...

Oh Vic, it's just my style.

NOW, if it was in navy blue!!!

All the best,

Stella said...

Hi there, I came across your blog while researching for a wee project I am undertaking, in which I will attempt to become an "accomplished woman" according to Miss Bingley and Mr Darcy's prerequisites... I thought that perhaps you and some of your readers might enjoy following my journey... If so, here is the link to my blog! Cheers, Stella

The Writing Instinct said...

What a stunning colour!