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Sunday, July 25

Jane Austen Regency Food Throwdown

If you are reading this post on a full stomach, you might wish to wait before taking this week's poll. Food in the Regency era was varied, to say the least. Tastes in food and drink have changed radically. Whole animals were served at table, for example, such as peacocks or pheasants with heads attached and their tail feathers spread open. While many foods during Jane Austen's era are still recognizable and eaten (roasts, soups, trifles), there are some foods that are no longer popular. Of the following foods served during Jane Austen's day, which would you be most willing to try? You may choose several or tell us why you chose none.

The fried songbirds with bird's nest plate presented to Amanda Price in Lost in Austen

Regency Foods You Are Willing to Try
Pigs Snouts
Magotty Cheeses
Chicken Hogs Tongues
Cock's Combs and Testicles
Boar's Head Stuffed With Udders
Fried Whole Song Birds free polls

Roasted Chicken Garnished With Cock's Combs


Vic said...

I deleted your comment, Josh. This is not a commercial blog.

Nonna Beach said...

None ! Not one of those dishes sounds the lest bit appetizing to me and why ? The names of the dishes. I also have a new appreciation for my vast pool of British ancestors.How did they ever survive it all long enough to reproduce ???

Nocturnal Queen said...

None of the above. Blech.

stephpers said...

I'll kindly pass on that menu. There's not one tempting thing on the list.

Meredith R. said...

Pardon me for being a smarty mouth, but perhaps you should title this post a 'Jane Austen Throwup'

RS said...

No wonder the ladies could all wear empire style gowns! With dinner choices like these they must have been as thin as rails!

Lynn said...

Funnily enough, I was browsing Black and LaFaye's 'The Jane Austen Cookbook' when I saw your tweet for the throwdown :) I did not realize that broccoli was available in Late Georgian/Regency England!

Mmm ... I could almost imagine eating fried whole songbirds with cold broccoli. Almost.

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Oh my. I can't even decide which one is the worst of the worst, Vic. I agree with the "smarty mouth" commenter who suggested using "throwup" instead of "throwdown" in the title of this post. Think I'll stick with my pound cake, trifle and Sally Lunn buns!

Vic said...

I feel your pain, everyone. One of the food links (Channel 4) showed a photograph of cock's testicles, which look like large white beans.
Here is the link to the article (don't look if you are squeamish)

I must say that when researching the Regency era one finds the most surprising information.

Raquel said...

I think if I spend a few days in Recency Era I would need no more diets...