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Wednesday, July 14

Rotten Row and Hyde Park Corner

Items on Zazzle feature this images of Rotten Row and Hyde Park Corner. Click on the link to find a mousepad, coasters, and mug. The website states:

Rotten Row is a broad track running along the south side of Hyde Park in London, leading from Hyde Park Corner to the west. In its heyday in the 18th century, Rotten Row was a fashionable place for upper class Londoners to be seen. Today it is maintained as a place to ride horses in the centre of London...The name "Rotten Row" may be a corruption of the French 'Route de Roi' or King's Road. In the 18th century, Rotten Row became a popular meeting place for upper class Londoners. Particularly on weekend evenings, people would dress in their finest clothes in order to ride along the row and be seen. The adjacent South Carriage Drive was used by people in carriages for the same purpose.

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Southerner said...

Great stuff Vic. I know it well.