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Tuesday, July 13

Anne Elliot on the Piano

Anne Elliot would play on the pianoforte for the enjoyment of her family and friends. This practice was common during the Regency era, when women were expected to learn how to play a musical instrument with some skill. Read more on the topic in Jane Austen and Music, which was written in celebration of Austenprose's Pride and Prejudice Without Zombies.

YouTube video on Raquel Sallaberry's YouTube Channel, Jane Austen em Português


nigel said...

Are the piano-forte's real in the Jane Austen movies or do you think they are fakes?

Enid Wilson said...

I pity Mary Bennet. Sometimes we are just tone deaf.

Really Angelic

Southerner said...

They are probably real, Nigel.Sometimes they might be modern reconstructions. Often these scenes are filmed in real
18th century houses. Many these old houses are full of authentic pieces of furniture, pictures and of course pianofortes. Some even have the exact furniture and fittings they had in the 18th century.

Nonna Beach said...

I think most are real and the actors are pretending to play them.