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Friday, August 27

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Several months ago I set up a group on Facebook called Jane Austen and Her Regency World. I place items of interest about Jane Austen, many of them not featured here, on that page. For example, I linked to Jane Austen's Fight Club when it had only 600 visitors. For breaking news about Jane, join Jane Austen and Her Regency World, and find out everything you wanted to know about her but just don't have time to Google or Bing.

1 comment:

Southerner said...

Well, Vic, I think this is a lot closer to the truth than you might have thought.

Jane actually had a ,"fight club," going on in her head. She was after all waspish at times and had a sharp humour, even a little hurtful.

She was "knocking people, for six," an English cricketing term, with her words and thoughts.