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Sunday, August 29

Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Throwdown

Gentle readers: I've been curious about your devotion to Pride and Prejudice for a long time. How many of you have read the book and seen a movie? How many of you have seen all the films, as well as a stage production? And have you read a sequel or prequel, or other Austenesque books? Or own a DVD or soundtrack CD of the film? Let us know.

You may click on as many Pride and Prejudice categories as apply!

Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Throwdown
I've read Pride and Prejudice once
I've read the book multiple times
I've seen a film adaptation
I've seen more than 3 film adaptations
I own at least one DVD of a film adaptation
I own an audio book of Pride and Prejudice
I've listened to an audio version of the book
I've seen a stage play of Pride and Prejudice
I read Pride and Prejudice prequels and sequels
I've read Pride and Prejudice mash ups
I've read Pride and Prejudice, the comic
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  • If you clicked on at least ten categories, then there's no hope for you. You are a confirmed Pride and Prejudice addict.
  • If you clicked on at least six categories, you are a Pride and Prejudice expert.
  • If you clicked on three or more categories, you are a confirmed Pride and Prejudice fan.
  • If you clicked on only one category, you have years of joyful exploration ahead of you.


Southerner said...

Hi Vic, I don't know what this tells you but I have read the book a few times, that's all really. OK I've watched the odd episode of a TV adaptation.

All the best,

Vic said...

Which makes you a fan, Tony! Kudos.

Nonna Beach said...

I checked 3...guess I have a lot yet to read and listen to !

Charity U said...

I had four and am therefore a confirmed P&P addict. That's very true. Look at my blogger picture, for example. And I put that one before I started coming to this blog. (-:

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I checked off eight boxes! But that doesn't really surprise me. I am a bit obsessed.

Jane Ellen said...

Hah....I was IN a stage production of Pride and Prejudice! Now, tell me that is not obsession! :)