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Wednesday, August 4

Jane Austen's Bath

The British Library features a series of images related to the time that Jane Austen spent in Bath. "Austen (1775–1817) knew the city well. Her parents were married in Bath and the family lived there for five years from 1801."

View of visitors to the Hot Baths at Bath, which were opened in 1778 and designed by John Wood the Younger. The building is in the Palladian style and is simple and not particularly decorated. The internal layout is symmetrical and centred around the octagonal Bath. Besides the bath there are lobbies, dressing rooms, and private slip baths. Like other of Bath's baths, this bath was in use in the middle ages, but was rebuilt several times. The water in Bath's springs was thought to have curative properties and invalids flocked here to bathe and drink. - British Library

First seen on the Republic of Pemberley's Facebook page.

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