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Saturday, August 7

Update on Natalie Portman and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the Movie

When interviewed by Rick Marshall, editor of Slash Page, Natalie Portman said about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:

"We just got a new draft from David O. Russell, who is adapting it and is going to direct it," she said. "I'm such a big fan of his. 'Flirting With Disaster' is one of my favorite movies, and 'Three Kings' and pretty much everything he does is incredible."
While Portman didn't have anything to say about possible casting beyond herself -- still too early -- she did admit that things are moving right along. "We'll probably be shooting next year, hopefully," she said.

"It's a really, I think, clever mash-up between genres. These women only obsessing over marriage is such a zombie kind of behavior. It's kind of a perfect collision of genres."
Read more about the interview and see a video clip at this link.


Jessica said...

Um, has she read the original P&P? I'm going to go with no. This is becoming a pattern with her, maybe if she'd seen Star Wars before she agrees to be in the prequels she would have read the script and said "George, you are on crack, I think I will pass," and the world would have been spared the awful Padme/Amidala monotone.

I must have missed the part where Lizzie obsesses over marriage, maybe it was when she turned down multiple eligible matches . . .

Eliza Martin said...

I agree with Jessica that the zombies are not simply a joke on the zombie-like behavior of certain female characters in the books. At the same time, the book makes interesting commentary on the nature of this society in a humorous way, just like Austen herself did. But it is cleverly and well-integrated with the plot of the original. After all, it's the zombies eating Netherfield Park's previous inhabitants that leads to Bingley purchasing the house.

AJSnow said...

Jessica your right on about Lizzie obsessing over marriage. People think they know what P&P is about because its so famous and everyone has heard of the characters so they just fill in the blanks with other "romances" and think they pretty much got it.

Nonna Beach said...

Many people pretend they have read classics like P & P. They eventually get caught by someone who actually has read the books.

I agree with all the comments above, especially when it comes to the Star Wars prequels...what a horrid mess those were and Lizzie obsessing about marriage ? No way !

Natalie Portman is supposed to be kind of smart for an actress, but this interview makes her sound like a real bubble head !

Jenny Girl said...

I agree Natalie does need to read P&P before she makes any more comments. However, most of her movies are quite good. Did you see V? And it's not her fault that George was all about special effects with the pre-quels. He was caught up in his own hype.

Nonna Beach said...

Touche, Jenny Girl,
George Lucas is totally to blame for the SW prequels...Why so many love them is beyond me !

Natalie was in it for the money, work and to further her career...very smart move !