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Friday, September 24

Follow Friday: Dancing With Mr Darcy and the Jane Austen Festival in Bath

Dancing in the ballroom at Chawton House
Two recent events may spark your interest. One is "Dancing With Mr. Darcy" at Chawton House. Click here to see over 80 images of the event. 
Refreshments during the ball
The Jane Austen Festival in Bath is ongoing and fabulous, from Friday 17th to Saturday 25th September. Click on the Jane Austen Centre in Bath to see Owen Benson's Flickr photo stream. Click here for an online visit to the venues in Bath.
Jane Austen Festival, Bath


Midnight Cowgirl said...

I would love to go to this!

Nonna said...

My daughter and her Hubs were on a business trip to London and on their day off together, they went to Bath and were amazed at all the activities and costumes at the Festival. When she mentioned it, I knew it must be the annual Jane Austen event there ( I'm secretly jealous I wasn't there to drink it all in myself ! ) Someday...maybe !

Raquel said...

I love to see "Lizzy Garvie" dancing!