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Thursday, September 2

Mr. Darcy Interrupted

Inquiring reader,

Recently Roberta asked:
"Can you possibly identify the creature that makes all that ruckus outside of the window of Rosings, in the early morning hours, after Mr. Darcy wrote his letter of defense to Lizzy, in P&P, the miniseries of 1995....?
I am hoping that you can help me to solve this mystery. It has been bugging me for years, now."

Well, Roberta answered her own question a few days later. The mystery sound was caused by a fox cry, such as one you can hear below:

Video found on dizzo95 YouTube channel


Anonymous said...

I actually woke my husband up the first time I watched my P & P DVD because I was sure there was some sort of wild animal right outside and it was going to come in and get me! He finally suggested we rewind the movie, and sure enough, the mystery noise repeated and I was able to peacefully watch the movie!

Steph said...

I've always wondered what the heck that animal was too! I assumed it was a screech owl or something. Who knew?!

Marloes said...

The first time I watched the miniseries I thought there was a woman screaming murder outside! A red fox is much more reassuring...

Southerner said...

We in England are overrun by foxes in our towns. I've had to buy strong dustbins to put my rubbish in. Otherwise rubbish is strewn all over the garden. They have become a real pest. They live in local parks.We often hear their call late at night.
Went out for a run one night along our road and heard the most infernal banging and crashing sound coming from underneath a parked car, It was two foxes copulating. We used to have rabbits when our children were younger. Foxes broke in and ate them. Our old cat eventually became a foxes lunch.
The local authorities can't get rid of them.

The anti fox hunting laws passed a few years ago have a lot to answer for.

stephpers said...

Wow! So that's what it was. I always thought it was a peacock or something like that.