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Thursday, October 21

Trip to Lacock Village

Lacock Houses by Tony Grant

The Secret Dreamworld of a Jane Austen Fan offers My Bath Trip, Part 7, Lacock Village. Blog author Aurora offers fabulous images on her virtual tour. Speaking of which, Tony Grant also took excellent images of the village. Enjoy!
Lacock Church
Lacock Cottages
Lacock House

Cranford and Return to Cranford were filmed in Lacock Village

Lacock stores


The George Inn


nigel said...

Can't see any surf-shops?

Anna said...

Lovely photos, Tony! I would love to visit this village, remember it so clearly from Pride and Prejudice...

Nonna Beach said...

I loved Cranford series. Thanks Tony for taking us on a little visit to this sweet little village...

And Nigel's back commenting !!!

Raquel said...


I would not visit Lacock.

I want to live in Lacock!