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Monday, December 6

Silent Monday: Jane Austen and Anna Chancellor

Cassandra's portrait of Jane Austen
Today's Silent Monday is not so silent:

Anna Chancellor, the actress who portrayed Caroline Bingley in 1995's Pride and Prejudice is related to Jane Austen. (Jane is 8 times her great aunt through Jane's brother, Edward.)  I was particularly struck by the family resemblance when these icons appeared side by side below a previous post. Both women are described as being tall and slender and having high cheekbones and striking eyes. Viewing Frances Austen's portrait below (he is Jane's brother), one sees the similarity of eyes, mouth, and chin.


Audrey said...

I see it too! (I've been watching the Jane Austen bio she presented on YouTube, since it hasn't been shown here, so I just learned about the connection.)

Miss Laurie said...

I love that Ms. Chancellor played an Austen character, I just wish she had been in more adaptations than just the one. She was lovely in The Real Jane Austen as well.
For myself I've always wondered if Jane Austen was a good-looking woman, for answer I have only to see the resemblance between Ms. Chancellor and Ms. Austen and agree that she must have been quite striking! I'd also like to see Ms. Chancellor portray Jane Austen in a documentary or biopic! Wouldn't that be something! :)

Raquel said...

I agree with Miss Laurie, about Anna Chancellor as Jane Austen.

Elizabeth Bauman said...

That is so interesting! I had no idea.