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Thursday, January 13

Daria and Jane: Write Where it Hurts

Gentle Readers: This clip comes from Season 2, Episode 13 "Write Where It Hurts" of MTV's Daria.

Some fun lines from the clip:

First: Quinn and Daria talk
Daria: Mr. Lane's temperament, outlook, indeed his very manners are such as to arouse bemusement rather than endearment in the object of his attention.
Quinn: Huh?
Daria: He's flaky.

Second: The talk continues
Daria: Dear sister, I would hope that whoever does become Lady Lane does so out of regard for Mr. Lane, and not for his estate.
Quinn: What about his car?
Daria: Hmm.

Daria and Quinn
Third: Men approach on horseback

Quinn: And pray, upon this dewy morning, what errand is it that finds you guys abroad?

Quinn's Admirer 1: Miss Quinn, may I get you a bracing spot of tea?
Quinn's Admirer 2: Do you need a powder, to cure the vapors?
Quinn's Admirer 3: I'll tune your pianoforte!

Daria: Oh, Quinn, your suitors are so numerous because you are so fair and good!
Quinn: Oh, sister! Your wit and judgment ensure that you will not only marry well but wisely.

Contributed by Raquel Salleberry, Jane Austen em Português


AJSnow said...

cracking up! I looove a good spoof

Lynnae said...

Ahhh, that's fun.

leafonatree said...

I love Daria. Her wit is timeless. ;)

Alexa Adams said...

I adore Daria and have watched the series at least five time (I have a cartoon obsession), and she still makes me laugh. Thanks so much for sharing!

Roberta said...

Hi, you are one of my lucky winner of the Sunshine Award
Best regards,

Kathleen said...

So great! Love the blog by the way...a great way to get a good Jane Austen fix :)

Heather Carroll said...

God, I miss Daria! I love how their spoof is fairly accurate in its spoofing abilities

Nonna Beach said...

Good for a nice laugh...thanks !