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Saturday, January 15

Downton Abbey, Episode Two: Twitter Party and Blog Round-Up

The second episode of Downton Abbey will be aired by PBS Masterpiece Classic at 9 PM on Sunday. PBS will be hosting a second Twitter party in honor of the event, and yours truly will be there once again as an unofficial host! @janeaustenworld.

Start of the hunt, Downton Abey
The event will begin from 9 PM EST through 10:30 PM PT. Including Vic, the other bloggers who will be hosting are:
If you plan on joining, make sure to tag.your posts with the hashtag #DowntonPBS or use PBS's TweetGrid, which will automatically add the hashtag.
If you want to read our tweets go to Twitter and type: #DowntonPBS


kevin blumer said...

is downton abbey by jane auston or not i do like the tv serias but i would like the book of downton abbey it is really good but i think you get more out of a book

Vic said...

Kevin, Downton Abbey is not by Jane Austen, but since this blog also features films from PBS Masterpiece Classic, we are delighted to give it publicity.

I agree. You get more out of a book.

Ruth said...

I finally posted some thoughts on Part Two - this show is SO good, I am just loving it! So happy we've already got the promise of Series 2 AND a Christmas special to look forward to next year (in the US I mean).