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Monday, January 17

Mr. Darcy Wins a Golden Globe

Colin Firth looking sartorially resplendent at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards
His Royal Firthness won a much-earned Golden Globe for his spectacular performance in The King's Speech. If you are a fan of good films and great acting, this movie is a must-see. I actually paid twice (unheard of, really) to see Colin Firth in one of the best roles in his life (it is hard to choose between this role and A Single Man.)
Colin's tribute to his wife Livia was touching
The evening was tarnished for me almost at the start, however, since Geoffrey Rush did not win for his role as Lionel Logue. Giving the Golden Globe to Colin Firth only was like giving one bookend as a gift. You need two bookends, everyone knows that, and The King's Speech REQUIRED Geoffrey Rush's remarkable portayal of the speech therapist for the story to work. Geoffrey'r role was ESSENTIAL. His performance equalled Colin's - they were like bookends - each needing each other, and bouncing off each other for the story to make sense.

Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue
So how could the Golden Globes have passed Geoffrey over? I am all puzzlement.

Below, Colin speaks about seeing Jennifer Ehle, his costar in Pride and Prejudice at about 3:17 in the video clip below (which is rather boring, actually, except for his comment about her and about Geoffrey Rush afterwards).


Anna said...

His royal firthness LOL!! I'm sure that this award was deserved, but agree with you that Geoffrey Rush is amazing as well and deserves recognition.

Ruth said...

I was so happy to hear about Colin Firth's win! Hopefully this bodes well for The King's Speech at the Oscars in ALL categories. :)

Eliza Martin said...

"His Royal Firthness" has got to be one of the best nicknames ever.

Meredith said...

He is so cute in these interviews!

David @ Quillcards said...

I could not agree more - Geoffrey Rush was wonderful.

And what about Guy Pearce who played Edward VIII - a long way from his part in L.A. Confidential - and another great piece of acting.

Looking back, it was a slight film in the end.

Very touching and one that lives on well in the memory - a film about two people knocking against one another in strange circumstances.

Nonna Beach said...

I totally agree that both men should have won...but we must remember, these are foreign press awards... they like to spread the wealth. I'm hoping that the Oscars are kinder ! I think these guys will be knighted by QE II...a great honor compared with a statue award.

Rhonda said...

Geoffrey Rush got robbed!

shelley said...

Colin Firth is always lovely. I couldn't believe how inane the questions were reporters were asking him. They get paid for that?

Gina said...

I like your comment about the bookends. It's so true. I do hope they both get Oscars!!

Alexa Adams said...

Just adding more support for your bookends comment. I think Firth fully expressed his debt to Rush in his acceptance speech. They were definitely a team in this film.