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Tuesday, January 4

A New Year's Gift: Matthew MacFadyen Reads a Passage from Pride and Prejudice

Matthew Macfadyen reads "that most extraordinary part" of Pride and Prejudice, which includes subtitles. (from Carte Noir). (Just in case you get lost in your dreams ...  "In vain I have struggled!"  )

Happy New Year, gentle readers of Jane Austen Today!

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Portugues


Jami said...

Is there now an entire audio book of him reading? This is cool!

Kristin said...

^That's what I want to know! I never listen to audio books, but I would listen to this one.

Good grief, I could listen to him read a phone book.

Unknown said...'s like a forgotten Christmas gift tucked into the boughs of the tree, undetected until the tree is disassembled.

And, I agree, an audio book version would be so delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Stacey said...

Like what the previous commenters said, I would listen to him read anything at all and want to know if he recorded the entire book.

Raquel said...

Jami, Kristin, Shauna and Stacey

I don´t know if there any book read by Matthew Macfadyen.

This reading is only this excerpt from Pride and Prejudice for Carte Noire.

An entire audio book would read by him be so delicious, indeed!

Wait, wait! There is a book entirely read by MM: "Coma", by Alex Garland

Vic said...

Raquel, Matthew has read Tony Parsons Stories We Could Tell, available only in the UK!

Unknown said...

He has a lovely voice. I do think he's holding back a bit though if you compare this version to the P&P movie. But it's very pleasant to listen to. Also adore the Georgette Heyer novels Richard Armitage recently read for the audio books.

Wollgeflüster said...

Good heavens, what a voice! This guy might even read the phone book to me and I still would be smitten :-).A lovely present,indeed!

Maria said...

He has such a wonderful voice. I wasn't sure what Carte Noire is, so I Googled it and found the link to the downloadable file .

Amy L said...

We always used to have "one last present" for our kids on Christmas I feel like I've received one as well :) Thanks!

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Oh Vic, you know how to make a girl swoon. Matthew's voice is bliss. What a treat. Thanks you!

Raquel said...


thank you! I update write another post about the audiobooks!