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Thursday, January 20

Write Like Jane Austen Contest

So Bad! So funny!

Can you write like Jane Austen? Or emulate her? Why not try? Your efforts might result in a text so terrible that it is funny!

This is the idea behind the contest launched by Patrice Hannon, Carrie Bebris and Gregory Bergman in Bad Austen . The best of the worst texts will be compiled and published in the Fall 2011 by Adams Media .

You can read the texts already available and vote which is the best. Oops... I mean, the "worst"! Click on this link to vote.

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português


Southerner said...

This was hilarious, Vic. I sat reading some of these while I was eating my fruit and fibre cereal this morning and nearly spluttered milk and raisins everywhere.

We need a whole spoof novel along these lines. Now, that would be good employ for all those ,"jane," writers around. But I fear they haven't got the sense of humour for it. They are far far too serious about their,"craft."

Renate said...

haha this sounds great. I'll definitely give it a shot. I'll post the result on my blog once it's finished.

Southerner said...

Oh Raquel, just realised this is your post. Thanks for placing it on the blog for us all to enjoy.

All the best,

Nonna Beach said...

A clever idea and I was very amused by some of the writers. I will not participate since I took a test online last year that said my writing style was more like Stephen King ( without the swear words ) than Jane Austen. I was crushed to say the least !!!

Vintage Reading said...

Hmmm, I'm a bit of an Austen purist. Not keen on spoofs, sequels, prequels etc. Still, can't be as bad as a JA zombie novel!