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Friday, February 4

Miniature Visiting Cards

Several months ago a reader and miniaturist, Viola Williams, requested permission to use my post on calling cards. Her reason was unique: to provide background information for those who made miniature dolls, houses, furnishings, and the like. AIM (Artisans in Miniature), just published its February issue on Scribd and there were my words!

The article is featured well inside the magazine, on page 79. Click on the bottom arrows to go forwards or backwards and enjoy. You will find articles on how to make miniature food, tiny baskets, furniture, and more.


Tee said...

Oh Wow! Calling Cards in Miniature.... Thank you for sharing!

Mary Ellen said...

What fun! I love all this stuff about calling cards. I remember how thrilling it was as a senior in high school to get a box of calling cards to tuck into graduation announcements and, I'm sure, to launch me into Society. Er, I didn't so much launch as flail and sink, and I've still got a half-box of those cards around somewhere, but they are no less impressive for all that! I wonder: do seniors in US high schools get calling cards these days?

Anna said...

Wow, I love all these miniature objects!

It's fun to think that they used calling cards in much the same way that we now use business cards - to establish connections and network with people.

When I was a teenager, I got my great-aunt's old writing table, and I found a stack of old business cards in it. They all dated to around 1900 and were very precious. Many of them had lace borders and lovely old fonts. Sadly, I no longer know where these cards are, as my parents moved house while I was away and no one seems to know where these have been placed! :(

I will go on and read the other articles now!