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Saturday, February 26

A Persuasive Resemblance: Mrs. Croft and the Countess of Glengall

I found the resemblance uncanny.
Countess of Glengall, 1804, detail, by Sir Thomas Lawrence
Fiona Shawl, actress could be the direct descendant of The Countess of Glengall, 1804 (painted by Thomas Lawrence)
Fiona Shaw. Image @Naxos Audio Books
Jane Austen fans will recognize Fiona as Mrs. Croft, the admiral's sensible lady. Mrs. Croft childless state inspired one of Jane Austen's more caustic remark: "A lady, without a family, was the very best preserver of furniture in the world."
Mrs. Croft (Fiona) and Anne Elliot (Amanda Root) in Persuasion 1995
The image of the Countess of Glengall is currently being shown in the Thomas Lawrence exhibit, Regency Power and Brilliance, at Yale Center for British Art.


Antiques And Teacups said...

That is indeed a good resemblance...How fun! I loved Amanda Root as well.

Anna said...

Great observation! I love Mrs Croft. She's a great character, a lot like a modern woman, and Fiona captures her so well.

Southerner said...

Fiona Shaw's mouth is a little thinner in the lips but the shape of her eyebrow and eyesocket is similar. The shape of her eyes, a certain melancholy sadness with a faint hint of humour around the corners of their mouths and a certain pale smooth complexion or i presume that is so with Fiona Shaw. her picture is black and white. Yes I can see the similarities, Vic. Are they related in any way?

Dana Huff said...

Uncanny. Is she a descendant or do they just look alike?

Vic said...

I think they just look alike, and have not read about a family resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is just uncanny! I like Fiona Shaw as an actress and I like the character of Mrs. Croft, so that was one of my favorite portrayals.