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Monday, February 28

Trifecta! The King's Speech Wins Royally at the Oscars!

His Royal Firthness won the oscar, as did director Tom Hooper and writer David Seidler. Congratulations, Mr. Darcy!
Colin Firth accepts his Oscar for the King's Speech, 2011

Tom Hooper (Director) and Colin Firth
Livia and Colin just before the 2011 Oscar Ceremony
David Seidler (writer), Colin Firth, and Tom Hooper (director)

The main damper put on the evening was that Helena Bonham-Carter and Geoffrey Rush did not win.

Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham-Carter


Southerner said...

I saw the Queen Mum twice.

The first time back in the early 70's when Princess Anne was getting married for the first time.I left school and was having a great time living in bayswater. This was before i decided to become a teacher. I was working in an office just off Piccadilly. It was my lunch break and I wandered down to The Mall. I am NOT a great fan of the Royal family. I'm extremely cynical about some of them. I had felt no emotion about the wedding up to that point. When I got to the Mall there were the crowds lining each side of the road and then the carriages started going by, Prince Charles with Queen Mum came along first. Couldn't believe it. Felt my heart swell all of it's own accord. I felt exteremly excited and i couldn't explain why.Felt tearful.

The other time was in Surbiton of all places. When I first started teaching I lived in a lovely old Victorian house in Surbiton. I was walking down Surbiton High Street on my way home and I noticed a crowd outside the newly built YMCA at the end of the High Street. People were hanging out of windows two and three floors up,waving. I stopped to see what was going on and then a little old lady appeared on the steps waving to everybody and smiling. She was wearing one of her colourful wide brimmed hats. It was the Queen Mum again.Everybody started cheering and clapping , including me,totally involuntarily. She got into a big black Rolls Royce and was driven away.

I must admit I admire the Queen though. She has great dignity.

Wonder how the Obamas are going to get on with the Royal family when they come over to stay with them on their next state visit?

boros1124 said...

I have not seen the movie, but I really liked the book!

Ruth said...

I was bummed that Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter didn't win, but thrilled that TKS took the other top prizes!

Karenlibrarian said...

I'm also sorry that Geoffrey Rush and HBC didn't win. If nothing else, I'm sure Helena's acceptance speech would have been classier than Melissa Leo's.

Anna said...

I agree, Geoffrey Rush should have won for his supporting role, as he is one amazing actor, film after film. But his highness surely deserved his Oscar.

Tony, the Queen Mother was probably the most decent member of the royal family...

Barbara said...

Thanks for all the Firth coverage! I think his performance in last year's A Single Man from Tom Ford was even greater! He's marvelous. I don't think his career has peaked at all. Am looking forward to seeing whatever he does next.