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Thursday, March 10

Take a Virtual Tour of the Pump Room and Adjoining Rooms

Click on this image and then click on the View the Pump Room Tour link on the lower right. Be sure you have a flash player, then move the cursor around to see the entire room, from side to side and floor to ceiling. (You might have to click twice on the black screen to make the image appear.)

Follow the bright red arrows and see where they will take you:

The Kinsgston drawing room
The terrace
The great bath, Roman Baths


Antiques And Teacups said...

Thanks so much for the of our favorite places to go for tea when visiting/antiquing in Bath. One of our all time favorite places to visit. Thanks for posting! I am going to mention it in my blog...hopefully others will visit.

Lily said...

Very nice. I have been there and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Julia Rosalinda said...

I loved being able to look at the pump rooms online. I was able to decide where I wanted to sit for tea when I went there in May! I had a seat at in the alcove at the end of the room.