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Saturday, March 12

An Uncanny Resemblance: Colin Firth and Tom Hanks

Inquiring Readers, Comparing Colin Firth as a young actor in the 1986 film, Lost Empires, and Tom Hanks in 1980's sitcom comedy, Bosom Buddies, I was struck by a resemblance of the two young actors wearing make up decades before they won their Oscars.

Colin Firth in Lost Empires (l) and The King's Speech (r).

Tom Hanks (Bosom Buddies, 1980) and today, right.

Oscar Nominees Before They Were Stars


Lady Renate said...

I think they look beautiful with their make-up. Love the eye-liner on Colin. Tom's hair is seriously out of control in that pic. haha.

Vic said...

Yes, crazy wild hair! Though big hair was popular in the 1980's, Tom's is a bit out there.

They do look cute in make up, don't they?

Adriana Zardini said...

Lady Renate: "Tom's hair is seriously out of control in that pic" LOL!!!!

Nonna Beach said...

Men in makeup is not attractive to me. I am really glad those days are OVER for these 2 actors !

BTW, the opposite was true for John Travolta...first the hot guy, then the make up ( "Hairspray" ) UGH !

Lily said...

Despite the weird roles Colin Firth may have played in the past, he did a great job as Mr. Darcy!